Sponsor a Class

If you would like Janet to teach any of her workshops in your area, all you have to do is become a sponsor. Sponsors take the class for free, provided that a minimum number of people are registered. If the minimum is not met and the workshop can still be held, the cost to the sponsor will be renegotiated depending on enrollment.

How to Sponsor a Class
As a sponsor, you will host a workshop in your home or in any other space that can comfortably hold the minimum number of 15 people per class. There is no maximum amount of people for a class other than what the venue will hold. It is preferable to host two days of classes or a combination of classes and individual sessions, with participants and their animals at a single location. Any combination of classes and sessions can be chosen based on the needs of the sponsors and the participants. (See Workshops for class listings and descriptions).

Chairs or comfortable seating and a comfortable temperature are required, and sponsors should provide coffee, tea, and fruit or a small snack. Participants can either bring their own lunch, or sponsors can make arrangements with a local deli or restaurant to place orders. Another good option is to ask participants to bring a dish to pass and everyone can share lunch.

How to Advertise/Generate Interest
Master flyers and brochures will be sent to you to print and distribute in order to advertise and provide descriptions of the workshops. The easiest way to fill a class is to speak with people you know and send e-mail announcements to people on your list, but here are some suggestions of places to advertise and/or display flyers:

  • Humane societies and rescue organizations
  • Pet shops (food, grooming, and training)
  • Metaphysical stores
  • Holistic and Health food stores
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Veterinarians
  • Horse stables
  • Event listings section of local newspapers and magazines
  • Bookstores

Registration and Fees
Flyers will need to include the phone number of the local sponsor in order to register participants, answer basic questions, and give detailed directions to the workshop location. All checks will need to be sent to the sponsor prior to the registration deadline for the workshop. Advanced registration is required for all participants. Prices for workshops will vary depending on location, travel and lodging arrangements.