Animal Communication Class     Santa Barbara, CA
Saturday Oct. 29 10am-4pm  

$150 with registration by Oct. 15

Have you ever known that your animal is trying to tell you something and you don’t know what it is? Have your animals struggled with the same physical or behavioral patterns that Western medicine doesn’t seem to be able to fix? Then this Animal Communication Workshop is for you!

This workshop provides exercises to teach you how to send and receive basic telepathic messages, to discover the root causes of physical and behavioral issues, and to help you learn how animals take on your own issues. You will get specific questions answered about your own pets.

This is a fun, interactive teleclass where many people have had great breakthroughs in communication with their own pets and other animals.
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Friday Oct. 28 from 6pm-8pm

$75 preregister by Oct. 15

In this workshop you will learn about the top physical problems that animals have and natural solutions for them. Participants can submit their own questions about their animal’s health problems and I will address them in the class. Typical problems addressed are inappropriate urination and/or kidney issues, fleas and ticks, diarrhea, skin problems/allergies, and bone/muscle issues.  Solutions range from homeopathy, herbal remedies, healing modalities, flower essences, essential oils, and nutrition.

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