Janet Ridgeway is an Animal Communicator whose goal is to help animals and their people to better understand each other, to create positive change in their lives, and to facilitate a deeper understanding of how the thoughts and energy of people manifest in the physical through behavior issues and illnesses of their pets.

In addition, all of the fabulous, wonderful and hilarious things about your pets are also a reflection of your parenting skills. Your animals provide a mirror for you and can literally absorb your physical and emotional issues.  They are filled with unconditional love and serve so many purposes in our lives that many people say that they value their animals even beyond some of their human relationships.

Janet’s goals for an Animal Communication session are to give you hope, leave you with tools to help affect changes in your animals and your relationships with them, and to give you a deeper understanding of your mutual purpose for being together. Here are a few examples of what a session can for you:

  • Change unwanted behaviors such as inappropriate urination, aggression, jumping, or chewing
  • Shift emotional problems such as stress, separation anxiety, or stress from other animals or people in the home
  • Get to the root issues of chronic health problems through the use of proper nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, energy work and visualization
  • Make choices with end of life issues regarding an animal’s wants and needs and how to know when they are ready to cross over

To learn more about Janet and her work, explore the links of the website.  Classes will continue to be added along with a monthly blog with topics ranging from holistic health for your pets, how to receive information from animals, training tips, and energy work for healing.

For general questions about the work I do or to make an appointment, please refer to the links on this website. To contact me about class registration, invitations to animal events, or sponsoring a workshop in your area, email me at:

[email protected]