What kinds of issues can I help you with?

Are your pets at a standoff?

Emotional issues
Emotional and situational reasons for a pet’s illness and behavior, such as depression or separation anxiety

Transform inappropriate behaviors
Barking, inappropriate urination, aggressive or fearful behavior

Explain changes to the animal about their environment
Moving, vacations, new family members or pets, divorce

Health issues and their root causes
Causes of illness can be emotional or situational; helping animals through their illness

Between you and the animal and among family/household members; learn how animals “mirror” your own fears, desires, behaviors, and spiritual “blind spots”

Food issues
Eating too much, not eating enough, not liking food, eating inappropriate things, weight gain or loss

Physical and emotional healing
Energy healing, assisting animals in releasing their illness if it’s in the highest good

Death and dying
Assistance with their passing, grief counseling and messages from animals who have crossed

Spiritual issues
Their life purpose and your higher purpose for being together

Communication/visualization techniques
Learning the basics about how to communicate with your animal to effect changes in behavior and attitudes (for both you and your animal) to bring you closer

What to expect from a consultation
Both the person and the animal receive an energy healing during the session, even long distance. I do talk to the animal directly but I also talk to their higher self and guides to get information about the spiritual work you’re doing together. The animal and person generally dictate the agenda and the length of the session. When I open up, the animal begins sending me words and images which I will convey to you. I always let the animal speak first about what they think is important. Although they often answer many of your questions before you ask, our questions and concerns are not always the most pressing in the animal’s mind. They usually have their own agenda and things they have wanted to say to you for a long time! Then we move on to a question and answer session. At any point you can interrupt and ask questions or ask for clarification about a point they’re making.

To schedule a time for a session, please go to Make an Appointment and fill in the required fields.

Phone consultations
The animal does not have to be present at the time of the consultation, although it helps me to know where they are if they’re not with you when you call.

Home consultations
If you live in the Syracuse, New York or general upstate New York area, I will come to your home for a consultation. I find that animals are most comfortable and easy to communicate with when they’re in their own environment.

The average session lasts about an hour and the price is $150/hour, $75/30 min. If you have more than two animals, the session may take longer than an hour and the price will be prorated at the same rate.  I am happy to do appointments longer than an hour as long as I know in advance. I do charge extra for travel more than 15 miles from my home for local, in home consultations.