Behavior issues:

Sully (my macaw) started chewing on my lips and I said “NO!” because he always chews too hard and I hate when he does that. Janet then told him to chew softly. Sully looked at her and then he started chewing on my lips again but he was doing it very softly. He’s never chewed on me that softly- EVER! It was so amazing how she could communicate with him like that!  ~ Stacy O.

I was having trouble getting my dog to go to the bathroom outside, and I was surprised to find out from Janet that Sparks didn’t like using the pee pads. The next day, for the first time, Sparks woke me up with whining at the door to “go out”. Since then, he has never used pee pads.   ~ Susan F.

I’m glad you have the special gift that allowed us to get to the root of the behavioral problems and allow this adorable dog to be a part of our family.  ~Ann

We were in the process of training our yellow lab as a therapy dog.  All of a sudden, she stopped obeying my commands. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what her problem was. Janet came to our home and what a fascinating experience!  Her reluctance to go forward with the training stemmed from a fear that we would not be continuing our current visits to various nursing homes. Once she understood that our visiting schedule would not change, she settled down and was perfect in every way. She passed her test with flying colors, and made many people very happy.  ~Flo P.

I can’t thank you enough for the help with Maggie.  She has heeled so well to the park that I can barely recognized her!!  ~ Diane W.

Food issues:

You were right about the Cheerios. George LOVES them! He never ate out of our hands before, but last night he came bounding out of his cage to get the Cheerios from us. How funny.  ~Jill E.

He communicated to you that he didn’t like his food and he would like something different – a Lamb & Rice flavored food.  After much research, I changed his food to Eagle Pack Lamb & Rice and he’s absolutely crazy about his food now – he just loves it. Before he would look up at me with big sad eyes when I fed him, and now he runs to his dish and gobbles it right down. I can see that he’s much more content with his food and truly enjoys eating it now. ~Kim B.

Cooper addressed my issues with their food and said that I obsessed about it and kept moving it around, thinking they might eat better if it was somewhere else.  He told us that he would eat better if I just left it in one place!  We were all hysterical as he was right on the money.  ~Kathy H.

Physical issues:

Ethan has been taking his pain medicine with no trouble now that we are giving it to him with chicken and peanut butter. We also made an enclosed area upstairs where he would usually sleep so that he was confined and wouldn’t rip his stitches, yet could be with us, as he requested. He seemed to be happy with that.  Right now he’s lying on the couch listening to the Gregorian chant music that he said he liked. Thank you so much for all that you have done for our family and all that you do in your life.  ~Lilly M.

Buddy communicated to you that one of his teeth on the left side of his mouth hurt him at one time and that he didn’t want anything like that to happen again. Good gosh – Buddy had lunged for the car window and actually chipped a small piece off on left front tooth.  I just couldn’t believe it – you are so awesome Janet!!!  ~Kim B.

As you know, Jessie had a spinal infarct a few years ago and recovered limited movement in her back and legs after having energy healing. When you came last time, the crystal energy work that you did really helped. The neck and cranial healing you did seems to have released tension and blocked energy.  She is more lively and alert now! We are all very grateful for your healing energies. ~Sue P.

My puppy Cosimo was very sick with pneumonia, and my vet was not giving me much hope for him.  Janet did some hands on healing that I feel was invaluable and gave me hope that my puppy was going to get well, and he did!  ~Lisa C.

Insights from animals:

Janet did not know that I am a hairdresser, and my cocker spaniel said that she hated the new haircut she got. She announced, “It’s so 80’s.”  That’s one of our favorite sayings at the hair salon.  ~Heidi

Janet spent an hour with my two small dogs and gave some marvelous insight into the dynamics of the household. Two friends who witnessed the discussion with the animals were totally amazed, and commented later that the animals see more clearly than their owner. They were very impressed with Janet’s insight and clear translation of what the dogs had to share.  ~Betty R.

My poodle told me that I wore my pants too high on my waist and that everyone thought so.  My friends who were a part of the session, after laughing hysterically, finally admitted they thought so, too. I was wearing a skirt during my session with Janet so it was certainly something she couldn’t have known.    ~Joan

Among other things, my dog told you that I was currently having problems with a contractor who had messed things up. That got me! There’s no way you would have known that!     ~Vicki O.

Janet works on two levels with animals and their families: the first is every day stuff like their personal preferences and likes and dislikes, and the second is helping us understand how our animals reflect the lessons we are learning with each other and ourselves. She is amazingly accurate and targeted in her ability to “see through” an animal behavior to get at what the animal is trying to teach us. Understanding that our animals can match up to each person in the house in order to show us what we are here to learn has made everyday issues easier to understand and walk through.  ~Mary S.


Just the act of communicating with my animals has increased my level of respect for their intelligence and has made me stop and watch and be thoughtful about what they are trying to tell me on a day to day basis. I am much more intuitive about their needs and attempts at communicating with me overall due to your help.  ~Flo P.

I highly recommend Janet’s classes to anyone who is seeking a higher level of spiritual understanding in their lives today. You will never see animals the same after her classes.  ~Chris C.

After leaving your class, I felt like you should have been playing James Brown’s song, I Feel Good!  ~Ana